Prince – A Case Study

When the Smith family saw the movie ‘Babe’ they decided right then and there that a border collie was the dog for them.  With a big backyard and two kids to play with the active dog would be kept happy.  They also liked the fact that they were an intelligent breed...

Why Puppy PreSchool is Important

Fifteen years ago you would not have considered enrolling your new puppy into school. The wisdom at that time was that training should not begin until six months of age. Today however, most veterinarians, behaviourists and trainers agree that attending a good puppy...

Positive Training What It Is, What It’s Not and How It Works!

POSITIVE motivational training is the embracing and application of the belief that dogs can and should be trained by the judicial use of rewards alone. It is ‘positive’ because something is added (rewards) and ‘motivational’ because the animal is encouraged to try...

Dogs and Children

Most problems with dogs and kids are predictable and occur as a result of poor socialization with children and/or rough handling especially around food or sleeping areas. Children look, move, smell and act differently to adults and may unknowingly encroach on a dog’s...

Latch Key Canines – The Modern Malaise

Around Australia every day, tens of thousands of pet dogs are left alone from dawn to dusk, confined in yards attached to empty houses – ‘latch key canines’. Long, routine periods of isolation can trigger problem behaviours for the dog, the family and the community...

Dog Parks – Paradise or Purgatory?

When off lead dog parks first started appearing several years ago they were heralded as a major advance toward a better quality of life for our pets. Dogs cooped up in apartments or left alone all day could enjoy a vigorous romp with other dogs in a council approved...

What is a Clicker?

A clicker is simply a small plastic device that makes a distinctive “click” sound when pressed. The clicker has no value or meaning of its own but can quickly be conditioned to represent access to “good things” to your dog. How does it...

Kumalong Australia

At Kumalong Australia, we strive to offer products that are simple, reliable and long-lasting. Our products are specifically designed to support positive training methods and to help make working and playing with your dog not only convenient, but also easy for you.


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