I promise that you will get, not only value for money, but the best service you will get anywhere.

I also promise, should you not be happy with any of my products I will give you a full refund, as long as it is not chewed by your dog!! However, should this be the case I can repair it for you, just give me a call.

Did you know that all the collars, leads and Harnesses are made right here on the Northern Beaches!
Yes, Kumalongs Gentle Collars, Front Clip Harnesses, Double Leads, Waist Brace Leads, Head Halters, Leads and Front Clip Harnesses are totally Australia made.

Happy shopping, your dog deserves the best there is, perhaps he is in need of a new collar or toy! Whatever it is be assured that Kumalongs products are made with the dogs best interest at heart.

We are committed to positive training methods
At Kumalong Australia, we enthusiastically endorse positive training methods. In fact, we are proud to be among the first to promote positive training methods in Australia — over 20 years ago! Back then, products to support positive training simply weren’t available in this country. So we created Kumalong Australia, and began distributing our Gentle Collars, Head Halters, Leads and recently the very popular Front Clip Harness. All our collars and leads are Australian made.

Our Acclaimed Kumalong Gentle CollarHands Free Waste Brace LeadOur Innovative Head HalterKumalong Front Clip Harness
IMG_00644 Waist Brace Leadhead-halter-old21[1]Front clip harness

Puppy Classes

North Turramurra: Wednesday 6.30pm and Saturday 9.30am you can join in anytime as long as your pup is between the age of 8 weeks and 16 weeks.

Don’t leave it too late! Puppies learn incredibly quickly, these early classes are designed to allow them to build confidence and social skills with other puppies, children and adults in a controlled environment as well as learning all the basic training skills.

I was one of the first trainers to start Puppy Classes in Australia. My vet at Ku-ring-gai Vet Hospital (now Greencross) asked me to have a look at a video of Puppy Classes held in the US. The rest is history, I am still there after well over 20 years ago, part of the furniture as they say.

All puppies have to have at least one vaccination before attending classes and be under the age of 16 weeks – the earlier the better! Don’t leave it until after vaccinations have been completed as it is too late!

Puppy Classes are very safe for your pup I have not had one pup become sick in the 20 plus years that I have been running classes. You will be told not to take your pup out until all vaccinations have been completed, that is correct, however this does not include Puppy Classes.  The earlier you enroll in a Puppy Class the better for your pups development.

In Puppy Class I promise you and your pup will have fun teaching it to be the best dog you want it to be. The class includes topics such as:

Play biting
House Training
Basic Obedience Commands
How to play appropriately with other pups in class
Problem solving

For more information, contact Mrs Hanne Moore on 9997 8815