Size Guide for the Kumalong Collar & Lead Set

Our matching Collar & Lead Sets are made of brushed polyester webbing.
The collar in each matching set is constructed in the same martingale style as our Kumalong Gentle Collar.
The lead in each matching set is the same as our Kumalong Single Lead. Leads are available in widths of 12mm, 19mm and 25mm webbing, and in lengths of 0.9m, 1.2m and 1.8m, as shown below in our Size Guide.
Ordering a Collar & Lead Set ensures that the colours selected for your set will be from the same dye lot. As the colour between lots can vary slightly each time we receive an order of webbing material, we take special care to visually check that the colours in each Set match as closely as possible.
We now offer replacement collars — select the “Collar Only” option below. Our customers have requested these replacement collars, and some customers have found they prefer the brushed poly webbing, so we’re now making them available separately. (We all have our biases! See Our Products for more about our preferences and rationale in choosing webbing fabrics.) Although long wear, washing, exposure to sun and other elements will undoubtedly have an effect on the colour of your lead, we’ll do our very best to match colours for you. Be sure to contact us if you have special requirements or if you can provide information to help us make a match.

NEW! Mini and Petite Collar and Lead Sets Our new MINI and PETITE Collar and Lead Sets are now available. These are sized and proportioned especially for the tiny toy and smaller breeds. Our Mini and Petite sizes are the only Collar and Lead Sets we offer in polypropylene webbing, a refreshingly lighter weight alternative for our favorite little guys.

Measure your dog to ensure the best fit. To determine the right collar size for your dog, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your dog’s neck. Then use the Size Guide below to select the right collar size, along with the your choice of lead length.

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Size Neck Size Webbing Width Lead Length
Size Neck Size Webbing Width Lead Length
Mini Collar only 15 - 27cm 12mm
Mini Collar & Lead 15 - 27cm 12mm 1.2m
Petite Collar only 27 - 37cm 12mm
Petite Collar & Lead 27 - 37cm 12mm 1.2m
Small Collar only 31 - 43cm 19mm
Small Collar & Lead 31 - 43cm 19mm 0.9m
Small Collar & Lead 31 - 43cm 19mm 1.2m
Small Collar & Lead 31 - 43cm 19mm 1.8m
Medium Collar only36 - 51cm19mm
Medium Collar & Lead 36 - 51cm19mm0.9m
Medium Collar & Lead36 - 51cm19mm1.2m
Medium Collar & Lead36 - 51cm19mm1.8m
Medium Collar only36 - 51cm25mm
Medium Collar & Lead36 - 51cm25mm0.9m
Medium Collar & Lead36 - 51cm25mm1.2m
Medium Collar & Lead36 - 51cm25mm1.8m
Large Collar only40 - 61cm19mm
Large Collar & Lead40 - 61cm19mm0.9m
Large Collar & Lead40 - 61cm19mm1.2m
Large Collar & Lead40 - 61cm19mm1.8m
Large Collar only40 - 61cm25mm0.9m
Large Collar & Lead40 - 61cm25mm0.9m
Large Collar & Lead40 - 61cm25mm1.2m
Large Collar & Lead40 - 61cm25mm1.8m
X-Large Collar only48 - 75cm25mm
X-Large Collar & Lead48 - 75cm25mm0.9m
X-Large Collar & Lead48 - 75cm25mm1.2m
X-Large Collar & Lead48 - 75cm25mm1.8m

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