clickers-collars-leads-kumalongClickers This is the "Clicker" you've heard about, the same one used in our popular Clicker Training Course that teaches you how to train your dog. Our Clicker is a simple, but ingenious, tool. Small plastic box houses a metal insert that produces a sharp, distinctive "click!" when pressed. You condition your dog by "clicking" the behavior you want, then following with a treat. Soon, you'll both be looking forward to your next Clicker training session! Constructed of tough, non-toxic, red and white plastic, with rust-proof metal insert. price list
Toss & TreatToss & Treat This an excellent toy to teach your dog to retrieve. It comes with a packet of irresistible treats too! Simply place your pets favourite treat inside and toss the toy for your dog to fetch, when it comes back take out a treat from the Toss & Treat bag and give it to your dog. In no time at all you will have a your dog happily running out to get his Toss & Treat toy. Made of highly absorbent towling with sturdy rope handle which goes around the inside of the bag for added strength, and velcro closure so the treats don't fall out.price list
Treat Bag_711x474Kumalong Treat Bag Use the Kumalong Treat Bag to store your dogs treats during training sessions. The main pouch has a stay-open hinge that snaps shut to keep treats securely stored. The Kumalong Treat Bag also has a key ring and additional mesh pocket for storing things like balls and clickers. The Kumalong Treat Bag measures 22 x 18 cm and the belt fits up to 127cm waist. It can be worn around the waist or clipped to a pocket or belt.price list
Wrist CoilsWrist Coil With our coloured plastic Wrist Coils, there's no need to worry that you can't find your Clicker. With a Wrist Coil, it's always where you can find it! Also handy for your keys, ID, a whistle, or other small items you need to keep with you. Why not use a different colour for each type of item. Or, assign a different colour for each member of the family. price list
Pooch PouchesPooch Pouches This versatile lead/pouch combination means you'll never be caught without your keys, treats, or pick-up bags again. Made of soft and durable cordura fabric, this lead-and-pouch-in-one is perfect for the one dog family. Throw away your bum bag forever! Great for joggers, too!price list
Back seat buddy jedda 284Back Seat Buddy The soft quilted inserts comfort your pet while also protecting your back seat from pet hair - drools, dribbles even dirt and mud, allowing us all to still walk our pets in the middle of winter without ruining or having to clean your car everytime. The Backseat Buddy comes in 5 different sizes - one to suit your vehicle, has machine washable zip out inserts with water proof backing and is quick and easy to install and remove from your car. You can even unzip and remove half of the Backseat Buddy to accommodate a passenger.price list