Waist Brace Lead 25mm Width

Ideal for Joggers, mothers with prams, teaching dogs to walk at heel, for use with clicker training.
Made from Brushed Polyester/Cotton Webbing

Kumalong's Waist Brace Lead is worn around the handler's hips, with a lead attachment to the dog.

The Waist Brace is the best lead you will ever own to teach your dog heel position and not to pull.

Clicker training is so much easier with the Waist Brace Lead, as your hands are free to use a clicker and give your dog treats.

Fully adjustable around the waist, the Dog Lead Attachment is also adjustable, depending on the size of the dog. Easily detached, the Dog Lead Attachment can be used as a "tag" for agility training or similar activities. Extra Dog Lead Attachment Leads are available if you wish to walk two dogs.

Also useful to clip onto the cargo ring in the back of cars to secure your dog. If you suffer from a bad back, it is advisable not to use the Waist Brace, as a sudden lunge by your dog may aggravate any problems that you may have.

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Price: $38.60

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