Head Halter Size 5 (29-31cm) around muzzle

Golden Retriever,German Shephard, Airedale, Labrador Retriever, Gordon Setter, German Short - haired Pointer etc.

Please note that Size 5 Head Halter is no longer available in Red, Green and Beige

The Kumalong Head Halter is placed over your dog’s muzzle and fastened behind the ears. Very much like a Horses Halter.

The Kumalong Head Halter is NOT a muzzle, your dog will still have the freedom to yawn, pant, retrieve and bark if he wants to, but the Head Halter will enable you to stop him pulling ahead.

Any lead can be attached to the Kumalong Head Halter, although we strongly recommend our multi-purpose Double Lead which can be clipped on to his collar as well as the Head Halter.

Make sure you measure your dog to ensure the best fit.

Simply place a tape measure about 25mm below the eyes, along the dogs nose, and wrap it around his muzzle with his mouth closed. This will give you the size Head Halter you need for your dog.

There can be great variation in muzzle size even within a breed, and sizes will vary from dog to dog.

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Price: $26.25

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