Small Front Clip Harness 20mm Webbing

Chest 23 - 31cm, Girth 52 - 76cm
Chest - measure just behind the dogs right front leg to just behind the dogs left leg.
Girth - measure around the dogs belly just behind the front legs.
Made from Brushed Polyester/Cotton Webbing

The Kumalong Front Clip Harness is one of our most popular items...and for good reason!

This simple, adjustable harness gives you instant control over your dog's movements.

Ideal for training puppies or dogs that tug and pull, the Front Clip Harness makes walking your dog a pleasure!

The Front Clip Harness is designed to have the lead clipped at the front, eliminating pressure on your dog's throat and neck.

The Front Clip Harness is readily accepted by most dogs, as the simple design makes it easy to slip on when it's time for a walk.

The harness is also fully adjustable to grow with your dog.

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Price: $26.50

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