Double Lead 25mm width with Large Dog Clip

Kumalong's Double Leads are  multi-purpose, with a dog clip on each end and numerous 'D' rings along the lead.

This would possibly be the best lead you will ever purchase as it has so many uses.

Have you ever been out walking your dog and found a lost dog! but didn't have another lead! Not anymore with the Double lead simply use the other end to clip onto the lost dog.

  • Walking two dogs on one lead
  • Walking one dog
  • Varying the length you need at the time
  • Easy to clip around a post
  • No more knots in your lead
  • Easy tie up at cafe
  • Use with Head Halter one end on Halter the other on the Collar
  • Use with Front Clip Harness and Collar for added security

Total length of the lead is 2.2m.

Kumalong's Double Leads are multi-purpose.

Easy to walk two dogs, no more tangling up of multiple leads.

Adjustable length allows you to choose to walk one dog on a long lead in the park, or on a short lead for controlled walking in crowds.

Quick and easy tie-ups. Simply unclip the handle, loop around a post, and re-clip to one of the "D"-rings along the lead.

Highly recommended for use with the Kumalong Head Halter, clip one end to the Halter and the other to the dogs collar.

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Price: $34.00

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