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Many of the books and videos available from Kumalong Australia were authored by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. An Adjunct Assistant Professor of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she is also an expert applied animal behaviorist. Her company, Dog’s Best Friend, Ltd., specializes in family dog-training and treating aggression in dogs, and she is an immensely popular speaker throughout America. She is the co-host of Calling All Pets, an animal behavior advice show syndicated to a hundred public radio stations, and works daily with four dogs (three border collies and a Great Pyrenees) on her sheep farm outside of Madison.

Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.

“Building relationships one piece at a time…” This is the website of animal behaviourist Suzanne Hets, Ph.D., and colleagues. A team of certified, degreed, applied animal behaviorists, they bring the power of the latest scientific information to help you understand and change your pet’s behavior.

Delta Society Australia

Delta Society Australia is a national not for profit organisation whose mission is to promote and facilitate positive interaction between people and companion animals. Delta operates with one core belief: that the human animal bond can overcome anything.

The Delta Society’s work focuses on using that bond to comfort the sick in hospitals and aged care facilities, develop more confident children, teach children about dog safety, and promote reward based training methods to develop happy and contented pets.

Currently, Delta delivers on its mission and vision through four core activities:

· The Delta Therapy Dogs program

· The Delta Dog Safe program

· The Delta Classroom Canines program

· The Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services – Canine Good Citizen

Australian Canine Current Events

This site provides a listing of canine-related seminars, workshops and events taking place in Australia. Also provides resources such as training articles, dog training discussions, a directory of dog trainers, links to additional resources, and more.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia, Inc.

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc. is an association of pet dog trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education. Their aim is to provide cutting edge information and a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on all aspects of dog training.

Dogwise / Direct Book Service

Dogwise provides a wide variety of current cutting-edge dog books and products for serious dog enthusiasts and trainers.

Paws 4 Fun Dog Training Club

This Sydney-based dog training club offers courses ranging from basic skills to the dog sport of Agility. Committed to positive training methods.

At, you’ll find a team of dedicated veterinary professionals and para-professionals who practise complementary and alternative medicine for animals. Their aim is to provide you with leading edge therapies, information, resources and services to complement your own veterinarian’s care, or alternatives to conventional veterinary medicine. Their preference is to use natural therapies wherever possible, but they may recommend a referral or conventional medicine if appropriate.

Corally Burmaster’s Clicker Training Center