It is unrealistic to expect your pup to like being left at night, especially when they have come from a litter of pups and its mother to keep it company.
This is how I managed to stay sane during those early months of puppyhood.
I have a two storey house with bedrooms upstairs, I placed the crate next to my bed so I could hear when my dog Jedda woke or cried. Most pups will cry a little when first placed in the crate but this is only for a short time as the pup realised that you are there and is not alone. kumalong-dog-collars-crate
Jedda woke twice during the first few weeks, I would get up and take her outside to the toilet area. Making sure not talk too much to her or she would want to play, this is a toilet stop only and back to bed. Again your pup might cry a little when placed back in the crate, this is normal and will pass quickly – ignored if possible.
It only took a few weeks and she only woke once during the night, by using a crate most puppies will not soil where they sleep, which makes toilet training much easier as she never had an accident in the crate. Using this method they also learn to hold on longer as well.
Then two months later the crate was placed away from the bed say at the opposite end of the room, placing a cover over the crate also helps to make the puppy feel secure.
After another few months the crate was moved into the upstairs lounge room and then downstairs soon after.
At no time was she allowed out of the crate upstairs, as I did not want her up there at any time in the future.
For your puppy to learn boundries you must start them the moment you get your puppy home.
I also place a barricade across the stairs day and night so that she did not learn to go up.
She is now 5 years old and never attempts to go upstairs and we no longer have to put up barricades. She is quite happy with her sleeping arrangements as this is all she knows.
Remember dogs are habitual animals and if you start off on the right paw they will always remember it. It is always better to prevent a behaviour from happening than correct it once it has been established.

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