How to Fit The Front Clip Harness

The Kumalong Front Clip Harness has become the one of the most popular training aid for pulling dogs, without exception once you have used one you wouldn’t walk your dog without one. I have so many customers who have come back for another one as they lost theirs ( how they would lose it I don’t know) and simply couldn’t walk their dog with it.

Fitting the Front Clip Harness is very easy – simply place it over the dogs head with the large ‘O’ ring at the front, then clip it behind the dogs front legs.  Adjusting the fit is important – the rings at each side must sit high up on the dogs front legs.  By adjusting the back strap smaller and bringing out the belly strap, you will get the correct fit.  See diagram below.

Once you have adjusted the Harness to the correct fit, clip your lead onto the large ‘O’ ring at the front and start walking, the moment your dog starts to pull, stop, let your dog feel the pressure on his chest and only proceed when there is slackness in the lead. By repeating this each time your dog pulls ahead he will soon learn that it is more comfortable not to pull.

You will find that your dog will start to check in with you whenever he feels the pressure on his chest, which is exactly what you want to happen. Your dog  is finally beginning to understand that  he will not get to where he want to go by pulling. Encourage your dog to come back to your left side to get a treat each time he stops pulling before proceeding on your walk again.  Your dog will learn much quicker if he is rewarded consistently, remember the more you reward a behaviour the more it will be repeated. Just like us we go to work to earn money and the more we get the more we will want to continue.

There is also another use for the Front Clip Harness, if you  turn the Harness around so that the big ‘O’ ring is at the top of the dogs back, it now can be used as a car harness.  Remember to turn it around when you take your dog out of the car to walk.  Walking your dog with the large ‘O” on the back will not help you control your dog as it will only learn that it can pull, as it has a lot of power there.

You can now enjoy your daily walks with your dog, knowing that he is comfortable and not chocking on his collar due to pulling and your arms feel so much better as well, Happy Walking.

Fitting Instructions Front Clip Harness

Fitting Instructions

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